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QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll: Guide to printing W-2s

    • Before finalizing and mailing the 4th Quarter 941 form, print up the W2 forms and determine if the amounts agree to what you have been reporting quarterly.  Buy W2 forms here and we will provide you with a checklist that will help you identify and uncover problems that may exist.
    • Next make sure you review the W2 tax form for the right amounts in the right boxes with the right codes. Be sure to read the instructions for the W2 form for 2011.  Click here for a sample 2011 W2 Form issued by the IRS.  Receive a free  W2 and 1099 Guide for printing your 2011 tax forms with instructions on preparing QuickBooks W2’s, including where you can get your tax questions answered by the IRS, with each order you place for W2 and 1099 tax forms here. Review the W2 forms before printing final copies to make sure the alignment is accurate. Learn how to align preprinted W2 forms in QuickBooks with our free W2 Guides when you purchase your QuickBooks W2 forms. Our W2 guide provides useful links to websites  that offer answers to  frequently asked questions about preparing W2’s. This is a worthwhile page to review for information you may not have been aware of, including how to include third party sick pay and common questions about each of the boxes on the W2 (its a long page, scroll 1/2 down for specific W2 information).
    • Modify W2 form amounts as necessary.  QuickBooks permits modifying the amounts that default to the W2s. Learn how to make these adjustments and where to add or change  state, federal and employee identification numbers in QuickBooks from our free guide available when you purchase your W2 tax forms.
    • Print the W2 forms.  We make available a step by step printing W2 Guide in QuickBooks that includes screenshots when you purchase your forms.
    • Stuff envelopes.
    • Visit our payroll tips page for more payroll tips and tricks, plus a complete knowledgebase where you can get  answers to your payroll regulation questions.
    • Our W2 instruction guide provides you with the information you need for printing W2s in QuickBooks version 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011.
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