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Making Groupon Work for Your Small Business

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Everybody loves a deal. Social purchasing sites like Groupon and Living Social work because they offer bargains with virtually no effort on the part of the purchaser. I myself have signed up for each of these sites and get deals for not only for my county, but all of the surrounding counties, the counties my parents live in, and the counties my in-laws live in. I’ve even signed up for Groupons in places I’ve wanted to visit just in case I actually get to go and need to know where to eat, drink, and sleep for a steal.

I’ve signed up for the more obscure deals, too: there’s Health Deals for those seeking to get in shape inexpensively and Wedding Channel in case you find yourself planning a wedding anytime soon. Somehow I’ve managed to get on lists without even trying, such as MyTownVIP and Amazon Local.

There’s a deal for everyone out there, but there still remains a question as to whether social purchasing is a bargain for the small business owner who chooses to market this way. Advertising through sites like Groupon is a significant investment, as not only do you need to slash the prices of your goods and services to entice purchasers, you also have to split what you DO earn with Groupon. In many cases, it ends up being a loss for the small business owner.

A recent Forbes article, Making Small Business Marketing Work, shared that social marketing is much like purchasing a list of leads; it’s an expense that might result in some repeat business, but the real results only come from cultivating and massaging those leads once they’re in the door. Provide the highest quality service, and the best possible product, and you’ll have caught your proverbial fish.

If you decide to go the social marketing route, you might need assistance tracking your sales in QuickBooks Enterprise. We can help with this.

If you’re looking to stick with more traditional methods of small business marketing, we can help with that too. Check out our marketing knowledge-base for some helpful resources and suggestions.

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